2 big things we hope don't get effed up in Star Wars Battlefront 3

2 big things we hope don't get effed up in Star Wars Battlefront 3

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now selling for as low as $14.99 for digital versions. While Anakin as a playable hero has revitalized the game slightly, it's clear this title's days are numbered.

It's pretty likely there will be a new developer for Battlefront 3, so we're getting ahead of the game and helping out whoever ends up taking on this hallowed franchise.

I personally loved a lot of things in SWBF2: The arcade-like quality of choosing different trooper classes; the flexibility to earn battle points and become really good at certain things and influence the outcome without having to be nothing but a killing machine; the updated hero selection system so dudes and dudettes can't just camp out by the hero powerups; the overall feeling of massive battles in Galactic Assault and the speed and chaos of some of the other modes.

But there was a lot that they completely screwed up, too. Effers.

Here are the two biggest things they need to fix for Star Wars Battlefront 3:

The frickin' squad system

SWBF1 made it pretty easy to spawn on anyone that was in your party during gameplay. This eliminated having to literally run for two minutes just to catch up to your teammates — as you must do in SWBF2 — by which time they are already blasted or the game has already ended before you even have a chance to do anything.

They've taken some steps on improving the broken spawn system in SWBF2, but it can still be infuriating. You can at least spawn with your squadmates, but they're still arbitrarily assigned and the benefits of sticking with your squad aren't enough to keep players from just running away from each other immediately.

This needs to be addressed upfront in the next iteration of the series. I'd love to see something innovative, or short of that, at least something that just works on a basic level right out of the box.

Heroes vs. Villains

I have to admit, HvV got a huge upgrade for SWBF2. I actually have fun playing it and enjoy getting my hero fix in and buffing them up. Every now and then you end up with an epic battle between classic characters that just gets you excited.

And every now and then you have a great match that goes down to the very last target kill.

The key phrase here is "every now and then."

Usually one team completely dominates the other, resulting in a controller-throwing-kind-of situation. Matchmaking is essentially broken, and when you do find a good match it just reassigns you anyway. WTF dudes? And why is the new spawn system not implemented in HvV yet? Seriously!

The idea is great, and definitely improved overall from the last iteration, but imagine if this mode was really nailed, and you got to live out all your Star Wars epic battle dreams.

What do you hope doesn't get effed in Star Wars: Battlefront 3?