How fast does the Earth rotate?

How fast does the Earth rotate?
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

We all understand that the Earth not only orbits the sun, but also spins. If it didn’t, only one half of the planet would get sunlight and the other would be stuck in nighttime. It’s also why our days last as long as they do. Other planets have longer or shorter days based on how fast they spin.

Smarter people than I might know why we’re all spinning, but the point is we are and it’s kind of important to basically everything. We don’t even notice it, but if the Earth were to just stop spinning without warning, it would basically kill everyone and everything on the surface. 

Finding out how fast the Earth spins is actually rather simple compared to other astrophysics stuff. I didn’t do the math myself, but I trust those smarter than me got it right. Want to know how fast you’re spinning right this second?

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