How many pet dogs are there in the world?

How many pet dogs are there in the world?
Photo by Eric Ward / Unsplash

Man’s best friends, aka dogs aka doggos aka pups aka you get the idea, have been part of popular culture in art, literature, and movies basically since humans started drawing things on cave walls.

I mean, the fact they all descended from wolves is pretty cool, and in terms of plot devices, there’s a lot a dog companion can add. They can help you defuse a bomb, distract an enemy, sniff out an important clue, or provide some much needed comic belief. I hear they’re also excellent at finding kids stuck in wells.

While most domestic breeds might not have three heads like Cerberus or can move things with their minds like Cosmo the Spacedog, it seems people have really taken a liking to them, even making them pets in parts all over the world. How many pet dogs are there out there?

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