In Futurama, what year does Fry wake up in?

In Futurama, what year does Fry wake up in? // Copyright by Fox Broadcasting Company and other relevant production studios and distributors

Sometimes I wish I had a cryogenic chamber just so I could skip ahead a week. But with my luck, I'd end up like our friend Fry.

Matt Groening — yes, that Matt Groening — had the idea for Futurama long before it actually hit the airwaves in 1999. Much more than just The Simpsons set in space, it may not have reached the same ratings as Groening's other creation, but it has taken on a cult-like following that's still going.

When Philip J. Fry shows up to deliver a pizza on New Year's Eve, 1999, to Applied Cryogenics, he finds out it was a prank call — only to end up falling into a cryo-chamber himself.

For him, it's only a moment, but he actually ends up in what year?

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