What condiment was once used as medicine?

What condiment was once used as medicine?
Photo by Debby Hudson / Unsplash

Condiments pull way more weight in making food taste good than they get credit for. They’re usually treated like an afterthought, but if you’re eating a hotdog with mustard or french fries with ketchup, most of what you’re tasting is the condiment.

Condiments can bring a 2/10 food and bring it up to an 8/10 — or more. Even the most overcooked burger can be edible with a little condiment love. And that’s not even mentioning vegetables. The fact that salads can be tolerable with a little drizzle of sauce and suddenly become edible is basically alchemy. It might make the salad less healthy, but at least I’m eating the damn thing!

There’s almost no food out there that doesn’t have at least one condiment to pair with it, and no fridge is complete without a fully stocked rack of them. 

We might seem condiment crazy now, but back in the day we even used one to treat illnesses. Which condiment was once prescribed for medicinal purposes?

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