What does DVD stand for?

What does DVD stand for?
Photo by Cameron Bunney / Unsplash

If you don't remember what it was like when video could first be encoded on CDs, let me refresh your memory — it was utter chaos.

In the early '90s you had Video CDs, the Multimedia Compact Disc (MMCD), CD-i, the Super Density (SD) disc, and heavens knows what else. Discs were obviously the future, but it was a race from every home entertainment company and manufacturer on the planet to see whose format would win out.

Ultimately, IBM, Apple, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft (aka the original Big Tech) flexed their muscles and said they'd only accept a single format — thus, by the mid-90s we all agreed on DVDs.

But if you were to ask one of those companies, what does the acronym actually stand for?

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