What group was Beyoncé part of before going solo?

What group was Beyoncé part of before going solo?

As famous as Beyoncé is, I have to say I struggled to remember which songs she sang. My mind, being warped by the internet, just goes to that ugly picture of her she tried to get removed from the internet. Sorry, but not even Beyoncé can make the internet forget.

I know I sound like a hater, but Beyoncé is just too famous to care about. Maybe if I listened to her music I would think differently, but I just don’t want to is the thing. Unless I’m in a car with just a radio or sitting around in a waiting room, most of the time I’d just sit in silence if it were between that and Beyoncé. 

Kind of like Michael Jackson starting out in the Jackson Five, Bee had a bit of help getting her singing career going. In her case, though, her original group has been so eclipsed by her solo success that it's essentially been crushed into dust by gravity. 

Do you remember where she first appeared?

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