What is Doctor Who's home planet?

What is Doctor Who's home planet?

Spanning over 60 years, 15 Doctors, and countless one-liners, Doctor Who truly does transcend space and time. Somehow this extremely British sci-fi show turned into one of the most enduring franchises in all of entertainment history — and it's showing zero to nil chances of slowing down anytime soon.

Through multiple revivals and incarnations that resemble the regenerated Doctors themselves, the show has amassed nearly 900 episodes. That's a lot of sonic screwdrivers.

Across all those storylines, there has been A LOT of lore, much of it surrounding the Doctor's past. From whether the Doctors are human to where they get their bowties, there are many legitimate questions that frankly should raise a red flag for any love interest that crosses the Doctor's path.

Where is the Doctor even from?

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