What is Richard Simmons' real name?

What is Richard Simmons' real name?
Angela George // Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

It’s a strange colliding of past worlds when Pauley Shore and Richard Simmons pop up on your newsfeed in the year 2024 — and somehow weirdly connected.

Apparently, Pauley Shore wants to munch on some grindage onscreen playing the ‘80s fitness guru, but Simmons isn’t on board. This was definitely not on my bingo card for the year.

But I do remember sweating to some oldies, stepping in rhythm with the VHS tape as it wore down from repeated viewings. I didn’t know where the hell Richard Simmons came from, but his smile and enthusiasm were infectious. In fact, I don’t think anyone still really knows where he came from, but I miss his presence in the public world.

If Pauley Shore ever does get the chance for the role of a lifetime, he’ll probably need to learn everything there is to know about his subject — including his real name. What is it?

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