What is the oldest age a cat has lived to?

What is the oldest age a cat has lived to?
Photo by Pacto Visual / Unsplash

According to the World Animal Foundation, which certainly at least sounds legit, there are over 600 million to 1 billion cats in the world, and possibly lots more.

Look, the easy thing here would be to joke about how not a single one of those hundreds of millions of cats cares about you or any other human. And believe me, we were REALLY tempted to go that route, but the truth is there are at least two or three that actually show a little affection towards humans.

Seriously folks, it takes all kinds when it comes to our feline friends. The International Cat Foundation lists 73 different breeds of domestic cats, and when you start getting into all the different potential mixes out there, you really don't know what you're going to get when you let that furball in through the door.

Although you'd probably have at least a rough idea of how long you'd expect your cat to live — which would probably be a bit lower than the age of the record-holder for oldest cat ever. What age was that?

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