What street do the Simpsons live on?

What street do the Simpsons live on?

Look, I’m not saying that The Simpsons 35 seasons-and-counting run isn’t impressive, but I am saying that’s simply too many seasons. You’ll never convince me that seasons 2 through 8 aren’t by far some of the best television ever made — sure, there are still some good moments after that, but it’s been a steady decline ever since.

Still, no cartoon family has become such an indelible part of pop culture like Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Since debuting in December of 1989, the show has run 766 episodes, with more on the way. By the time I finished typing that sentence, they probably announced seven more seasons.

At some point in that historic run, you’ve surely seen their house onscreen. And if you’ve seen their house, you probably know what street they live on — right?

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