What was Butters’ original name on South Park?

What was Butters’ original name on South Park?

In an age when you can find any TV show from any era somewhere online and watch all of it (if you're willing to either watch some ads or shell out a little dough), it's clear just how much finding shows like South Park used to be a giant pain in the arse — at least if you grew up where I did.

My town didn't even have Comedy Central on cable, and any kind of dish service was spotty and expensive. That meant the first time I saw South Park was on a recorded VHS tape from my friend's older brother who lived in a cooler, much larger, town.

And while he didn't play a larger role until a few seasons in, Butters is as close to a core character as you can get outside of Eric, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan. But in the early seasons, he was actually referred to in storyboards and scripts by a different name. What was it?

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