What was the first DVD Netflix ever sent?

What was the first DVD Netflix ever sent?
Photo by Venti Views / Unsplash

It's hard to overstate how incredible it was when all you had to do was pay a monthly fee and you didn't have to deal with late fees ever again.

The only other way to avoid late fees is to have left a game disc under the seat in your car for about 10 years and not find it until the Blockbuster you got it from was already closed for seven of those years.

And while today we romanticize how we used to go to the local video rental spot every Friday and all kinds of great stuff would happen, it was usually just annoying. It's not a stretch to argue that the day you could simply go online, find the movie you wanted, and then get it in the mail was one of the greatest days in human history.

Well, until streaming came around.

While Netflix recently put its DVD mail service to bed, the legacy of those days will never be forgotten. With around 100,000 DVD titles to choose from at the time, this was the first to ever make the journey. Which movie was it?

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