What's the name of the hotel in The Shining?

What's the name of the hotel in The Shining?

I have to admit, if someone asked me to watch over a mountain resort hotel for the offseason, I would strongly consider it. Then again, my kid's not psychic (as far as I know).

Turns out Jack Torrance and his family didn't have the relaxing, productive time they were hoping for. Instead, they were tortured, each in their own way, by a hotel which is really a character of its own in this twisted tale.

1980's The Shining is a masterclass in pacing, symbolism, and terror. I really don't care how close it is to the book — I mean, do we ever expect Stanley Kubrick to simply stick to the source material? Part of what makes this movie so good is that it's not just trying to recreate what was written. That rarely goes well. Instead, it's inspired by Stephen King's novel.

But let's save that debate for another time when there's a beer and we have a few hours to kill. For now, I'm just curious if you remember what the name of the fictional hotel was in this horror classic.

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