Who wrote The Monkees hit "I'm a Believer"?

Who wrote The Monkees hit "I'm a Believer"?
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Just ask me about The Commitments, and I will gladly begin my TED Talk on fictional bands.

One of the things I love the most about fictional bands is how they often spill over into real life, whether that means a one-time killer soundtrack or a career that lives well beyond the movies or TV shows they appeared in.

The Monkees began life as nothing more than a concept knocking around some dude's head. In the early days of the band, the producers actively sought to keep the actors from being too involved in the music-making process. So even when the band achieved international success with a string of popular singles, they didn't always have a lot of say in the creation of those songs.

"I'm a Believer" was a number one hit for The Monkees — but who wrote it?

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