How many bones do sharks have?

How many bones do sharks have?
Photo by Wai Siew / Unsplash

Just to clarify upfront, we're talking about the fish here, not those rich people who give you money for your inventions.

For anyone who's had the pleasure of seeing Jaws, you know that this animal should not only be avoided at all costs, but is also definitely lurking in any water deeper than about five inches.

Of course, "science" likes to act like they are responsible for only a handful of human deaths every year and unprovoked attacks are extremely rare. They also have a brain to body mass ratio similar to a mammal and have shown signs of curiosity and learning. Which only reinforces my terror of them, frankly.

They are the apex predators of the sea, at least some of them (they're also bottom feeders, but whatever) — so if you see a shark swimming towards you, you're going to have a lot of thoughts in your mind. One of them just might be whether you can defend yourself by snapping some of its bones. How many bones would that shark have, anyway?

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