In Big, where was the iconic piano scene filmed?

In Big, where was the iconic piano scene filmed?

It seems like pretty much everyone involved with Big, while thinking it was a good movie, thought it would bomb at the box office.

Among other issues, it was the fourth body-switch movie released within eight months. Albeit, this one featured the same person changing into another version of himself, rather than switching places with someone else.

Turns out, the Penny Marshall-directed 1988 comedy was a huge success, grossing over $150 million and netting Tom Hanks his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

One of the most iconic scenes in the film, and really from any movie in general, takes place when adult-sized Josh Baskin runs into the head of the company where he's working at a store in New York City. Josh and Mr. MacMillan take interest in the Walking Piano, and end up playing both Heart and Soul and Chopsticks together — eventually leading to Josh's promotion.

The scene was filmed on location in which store?

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