What is Fox Mulder’s password in The X-Files?

What is Fox Mulder’s password in The X-Files?

If someone told me that being a paranormal investigator could be a legitimate career path, everything about my life would be different. And I’m not talking about being one of those ghost hunters who stand around in old hotels at night and record their own bodily functions.

Fox Mulder is the hero we need in the FBI, for real. We need a guy who’s ready to just stand up and say, “Yeah, that’s probably an alien. Or a ghost. Or an alien ghost.” No more of this “UAP” nonsense. We know there are aliens out there, just admit it!

Even though he works for the government, Mulder is rightfully protective of his information. He’s paranoid, but in the smart way because he knows people are out to get him. 

If you were trying to crack into his computer, what would you guess his password was?

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