What is the best-selling single of all time?

What is the best-selling single of all time?
Photo by Artificial Photography / Unsplash

It’s hard to remember in the streaming age when Taylor Swift just tops every chart all of the time, but there were bygone days when artists would just release one song at a time and we’d have to shell out our hard-earned cash to get our hands on a physical copy that we could listen to at home. 

From the days of 45s to the short-lived cassingle, sometimes you didn’t want a full album. And without singles, we wouldn’t have the B-side. And without the B-side, you couldn’t look cool at parties when you tell someone your favorite song from whichever band is that one super rare track only available on a very specific version of a single that only you and a handful of others even freaking know about. 

There have been countless singles that have sold millions upon millions of copies over the decades, making the feat of becoming the best-selling single in music history all the more impressive. Which tune is the king of singles?

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