What was the number one song in June of 1994?

What was the number one song in June of 1994?
Photo by Igor Omilaev / Unsplash

Ah, the summer of 1994 — a time when Blockbuster was still a Friday night destination and surfing the World Wide Web meant waiting 30 minutes for a single page to load. 

Music blared from boom boxes and car stereos, with “repeat” meaning hitting rewind on your cassingle. The airwaves were filled with a diverse mix of genres, in a way only the ‘90s could do, but one song stood above the rest.

This tune was more than just a hit; it was an anthem that had everyone singing along, from mall rats to office workers who secretly jammed out at their desks (you know who you are). Whether you were doing the Macarena (OK, a couple years early, but practicing) or just living your best '90s life, this song was the soundtrack of the summer.

If you turned on the radio and heard the number one song from the Billboard Hot 100 in June of 1994, what would you be listening to?

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