What’s the name of the boy who owns Woody in Toy Story?

What’s the name of the boy who owns Woody in Toy Story?
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I pray I don’t live to see the day kids don’t understand Toy Story anymore because no one plays with toys anymore. That, or we get some affront to all that is decent and it is rebooted to be an iPad story or something. Kids need to play with more toys. Hell, I want to play with more toys!

Toys were our most cherished possessions as kids, so we did everything in our power to keep them safe. Toy Story inspired millions to write their names on the bottom of their favorite toy’s feet. In reality, that wouldn’t help anyone bring it back if you lost it in some random spot, but it did make sure none of your stinky friends could steal it and pretend it was theirs. I’m looking at you, Matt from across the street who took my Green Power Ranger!

If you found Woody and looked under his boot, what name would you see written there?

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