Where was Captain Kirk born?

Where was Captain Kirk born?
Photo by Dom Talbot / Unsplash

Gene Roddenberry had a stroke of genius when he came up with the character of James T. Kirk. Beginning with his first appearances in the appropriately titled 1966 episode, “The Man Trap”, Kirk was an instantly beloved character who we seem to never be able to get enough of.

This is where we get into tricky territory, because it’s hard to know exactly what type of Star Trek fan you are — have you scoured every episode of every show and every movie and every special and every comic book to learn more about this iconic character? Or are you more of the laidback type, who just likes a little bit of sci-fi in your life and enjoys William Shatner doing ridiculous things with his hands?

Either way, you probably like the general concept of Captain (and eventually Admiral) Kirk. But do you know where he was (er, will be) born?

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