Windows 95 came with which music video?

Windows 95 came with which music video?

For a long time, personal computers were nothing more than a cube and a screen with a line with green text. People figured out a lot of cool things to do with that green text, but reminding ourselves of this historical fact helps to explain why Windows 95 was so damn mind-blowing.

With all due respect to all who came before, this operating system was really the first time users could get down on a graphical user interface (GUI) at home, not to mention the insane innovation of the Start button. This was the moment when it became clear that personal computers were going to become really, really big.

In part, it felt that way because of the enormous marketing campaign put behind its release, with some $200 million in advertising, including millions just to secure the rights to use "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones to promote the new Start button.

Windows 95 also included the mind-blowing ability to watch a preinstalled music video right there on your computer, assuming you bothered to find it. Which video was it?

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